Recording iPlayer

I love watching episodes of BBC shows on their website via the iPlayer – but I also like to keep stuff for later! A big disadvantage of the iPlayer is that you’re not allowed to download the full video, without it being time limited so it won’t play again after you’ve watched it.

And lets face it, there’s a great summer coming up, with the Formula 1, World Cup, re-runs of Top Gear and all the coverage and music video from the Glastonbury Festival – loads of great stuff that you’re going to want to download and keep for ever, not just 30 days!

I’ve tried a lot of different methods of recording iPlayer but none of them worked, apart from one! I found a really great piece of software from a small software company called Applian Technologies that does exactly what it says – WM Capture will literally capture and record ANYTHING on your computer screen that you tell it to. Any video, any audio is yours for the recording! All in high quality as well! Give WM Capture a run – try it out here.

Watch the video below and see just how easy it is to record iplayer video – the example shows a TV show being recorded from Hulu but the process is exactly the same for ripping iPlayer video:

It really is that easy – see a video you want on iPlayer or any other video site like youtube, hulu, dailymotion, facebook – wherever, it doesn’t matter. Fire up WM Capture and you can record it!

Try WM Capture for yourself, it really works well!

*Oh, and buy a bigger hard drive, because you’re going to have a big video collection fast!

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How To: Record iPlayer Audio Streams

Here’s a useful how to video on recording  BBC iplayer audio streams.

This is great if you want to record any of the radio shows on the ‘listen again’ roster, so just perfect if you like to keep the Essential Mix shows for longer than the 7 days you can ‘listen again’ for normally! Enjoy!

The featured software, WM Recorder,  can be downloaded from Applian Technologies, you can even try before you buy (there’s a 5 minute recording limit on the trial version). Click here to check out WM Recorder now!

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